Screencast Solutions creates videos that can make you look great – even on a bad hair day!

Videos are an interactive and fun way to entice and connect with your audience.

If you hate being on camera, but still want to use video to promote your business – you’ve come to the right place! We produce videos that don’t require a camera.

Whether it’s educational screen captures to teach and inform, or PowerPoint videos to present information, Screencast Solutions can help you bring your pictures and words to life with:

eLearning and instructional videos that can make your viewers
feel like they’re looking right over your shoulder

 OR with Presentation-style videos to teach and share information.

All our videos are HTML5 in HD format and they’ll play on any device.

Video Production Services

Screencast Videos

1Screencaptures are used for:

  • demos
  • tutorials
  • training
  • how-to’s

See our Screencast Videos → page for more details and to see sample clips on all the features that can be added to make them interactive.

Additional Info

What are screencast videos? →

PowerPoint Presentation Videos

2 Use PowerPoint Videos for information sharing, presentations and training:

  • showcase your products and services
  • inform and inspire
  • build a stronger connection with your potential customers.

See our PowerPoint Videos → page for more details and to see a sample video with clips of client work.

Additional Info
Other Related Services

3Screencast Solutions offers other video-related services such as:

  • editing of your existing videos or Camtasia projects
  • repurposing your webinars, seminars and podcasts
  • DVD creation
  • Youtube channel setup

See our Other Services → page to learn more.

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”
- Walt Disney

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