There are numerous Screencast video types that can be produced for online marketing such as: Photo Motion, Tour or Instructional videos.

Sometimes all you need is to turn beautiful images into moving slideshows with music or voice overs. It’s a very inexpensive way to develop eye catching video content for web marketing and reels

You will find below some ideas of affordable types of video that Screencast Solutions produces. Feel free to visit our Screencast, PowerPoint video and video editing portfolio pages to see some examples.

All videos can include any/all of the following: text, voice overs, intros, outros, music, fade-ins/fade-outs, transitions, zooms, pans, call-outs, graphics animation, pictures and slides.

Instructional Videos
  • This is a recording of what’s on your computer screen
  • Good for tutorials or demos  i.e. how to use software, step-by-step website tour


Photo Motion videos
  • Great for travel, real estate, photography, floral, cake and wedding industries
  • Showcases pictures of places, products, before & after pictures, or artistic creations


“Take A Tour” videos
  • Great for home sales, tours of business property (manufacturing plants, etc)
  • Showcases moving pictures and/or video clips spliced together


Turning articles & e-newsletters into videos
  • Adds another way to distribute your message to clients
  • Using text, music, slides, images and voice narration


Turn your audio clips and podcasts into videos
  • Your existing audio clips can be made more interesting when added to visual elements


Videos or Podcasts can be created from Webinar or Webcast recordings
  • Used for teaching or training over the web
  • Can be made available for purchase on websites to create passive income
  • They can be spliced into a series of short teaching/training videos


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